Self Build Conservatories


Why DIY Conservatories?By choosing to DIY your own conservatory you are cutting out installation company profits, much higher VAT charges, salesman commissions, high fitters wages, etc.etc.

When admiring your friends professionally built conservatory (average price - around £15,000.00 all in) and thinking to yourself, I can't afford that but I might be able erect one myself if I had the experience. Chances are - you don't have the experience, so we developed a conservatory system that all home can assemble with an extra pair of hands to help if needed.

Connecting Panels to Sill

DIY Conservatory Sills DIY Conservatory Panels Panels slide into position
Sills are pre-routed and cut to size. Panels ready for assembly with factory fitted sill support blocks, which locate panel onto sill. Panels engage into sill and slide into position.

Connecting Panels

DIY Aluminium Connectors Allen Key Fitting Do it Yourself into Position
Aluminium connectors slide down between panels,
holding them together.
Rotating the 1/4 turn button with an allen key secures the panels and ensures they are the correct distance apart. Once locked into position the buttons are used to locate the cover strip.


A recent client of ours told us that he had been quoted around £18 000.00 for a 5m x 3m hipped lean-to with a glass roof. He let us know once he had completed the same conservatory, supplied by ourselves, cost him just over £6000.00, all in. That's a 66% saving and he is impressed with the professional finish of the product.

DIY does not always mean that you will physically doing the work yourself. You could summon the help of a handy friend, relative or neighbour, or pay for the services of a local, recommended fitter and still save a fortune.

Building the conservatory base seems like a daunting task to the unqualified, but there are professional base building teams (that the conservatory installation companies employ) that are available to you nation wide at cost price, no company markup.

So what ever way you look at it, if you plan carefully, there is no reason not to DIY.

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